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Who we are
liber.tax is an international tax planning and company formation consultant and provider.

With more than 30 years of experience in our team, we design and carry out tax optimization and internationalization projects fully adapted to your personal situation, to your business and also to your preferences.

We combine our legal expertise with our technological knowledge for advanced solutions to our clients.

We are experts on international tax planning, company formation in the best jurisdictions, banking and brokerage services, wealth management, financial planning, tax planning strategies for crypto investors and crypto businesses, maritime law and global citizenship lifestyle.

We offer you total objectivity, independence and discretion.

What makes us different
We love what we do
Agile and high quality service to our clients.
We love to design and develop projects that become reality and help our clients to improve their lives, increase their wealth and be more free.
Strong experience
More than 30 years’ in international company formation, tax optimization, change of residence, second passport programs, wealth management, offshoring projects, etc.
Real life, not just theory.
Turnkey projects
We offer fully fledged solutions, from the initial consultation to the full development including company incorporations, accounts opening, ship registers, and lifestyle planning.
No more coordinating with multiple providers.
Technological background
The financial and the business worlds are becoming more technological.
We are proficient at blockchain and crypto universe, quant finance, data science, data protection and encryption.
Tax planning projects

Including formation of companies, partnerships, trusts and holdings plus accounts opening.

30 Years of experience
Satisfied customers

Mostly companies, succesful entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and investors.

What we do
International tax planning
Design of international tax-efficient structures. Solutions for residents in countries with high tax rates.
Nominee, trustee, fiduciary and management services.
Incorporations and formations
Companies, partnerships, trusts, foundations and holdings formations.
Legal procedures for mergers and acquisitions transactions.
Banking and brokerage services
Opening of worldwide bank, EMI, merchant and brokerage accounts.
Experts in fulfilling the compliance and KYC application processes.
Wealth management
Higher returns, better asset protection, and greater risk diversification.
Expertise in personalised portfolio design, quant finance, hedge funds, crypto investments and scams avoidance.
Maritime law
Vessel and yacht registration in preferential jurisdictions.
Ship mortgages, maritime liens, ships’ arrests. Change of register and double flag registry.
Global lifestyle design
Change of residency and centre of vital interests. Second passport programs and citizenship programs.
Data protection and encryption.
Who we are

Quant Trader and Engineer.

Expertise in wealth management, portfolio construction, crypto projects, banking and brokerage solutions.
Winner of the Robotrader 2018 competition, the most prestigious competition in Spain in algotrading.
Lecturer at the Madrid Stock Exchange and different universities.
Languages spoken: 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇩🇪

Carlos Barredo Lago
Chief Technical Officer

Corporate Lawyer.

More than 30 years of experience in company formation, tax optimization, internationalization, banking services and maritime law.
Morgan & Morgan. Spain and Portugal Manager. 14 years.
Book writer: Laberinto de sociedades, el Offshore en España. 2019.
Languages spoken: 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇵🇹 🇮🇹

Bruno B. Varela García de Paredes
Chief Legal Officer
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Our Blog

16 August 2021

Walking into a new adventure called liber.tax

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

17 August 2021

liber.tax YouTube channel

We have the pleasure of launching our YouTube channel with a first video speaking in a summary way about who we are and the services we offer.

6 September 2021

Partnership agreement with IFZA Dubai Free Zone

We are pleased to announce the partnership agreement we have reached with IFZA Dubai Free Zone.

4 September 2023

The Importance of Proof of Wealth and Source of Wealth Documentation

Ensuring that this relevant documentation is up to date, is essential for a smooth financial future.

19 September 2023

The Evolution of Corporate Tax in the UAE

In recent decades, the UAE has emerged as a prominent business hub. December 2022 brought a shift in its status as a tax haven.

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